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The Astral Core

Noteworthy events from personal history often reveal important influences that shape our lives. Those events invariably leave an imprint on the CORE of our being. My work looks at these events through an astrological lens, to evaluate how patterns in the horoscope reflect patterns in life experience. Unearthing our personal stories in a process of disclosure, guided by Astrology, taps into an immensely powerful way of approaching astrological change. At Center, unveiling your motivational intention, your Soul Urge, which is encapsulated within the seed of potential that is the Self, created at birth, is about Self agency. One of my goals as a consulting practitioner in Astrology is to share this gift of Astrology with you, a gift that reveals the power of transformation, through an ongoing dance between the outer and inner planets. The miraculous insights Astrology offers is to show us how to live our lives better.

The Astral Core represents a unique approach to Astrology that identifies core concerns in development and discusses these concerns with sensitivity and understanding. The discussion proceeds with plain, everyday natural language, so no previous knowledge of Astrology is necessary. In this way, the door is opened for a channel of communication between astrologer and client, which creates a forum where “Astrology rooted in the reality of the world” is the priority.

The Astral Core

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