Living a Prophetic Life

Leonardo DaVinci said, “the mirror is our teacher,” and considered the mirror a master of painters. Astrology is a mirror! Reflecting an image of who we were, who we are and who we are meant to be. Like the artist, who represents reality with a brush stroke, the astrologer uses the zodiac, a synthetic model of life, to represent an individual’s lived experience. This knowledge is then applied for the purpose of affording individuals a better understanding of themselves, to help them recognize their true self, to truly “see” the person in the mirror.

Our work does not claim that astrology is reality. The point here is not to extract astrological profit from the synthetic model. The goal is to uphold a discussion, guided by a representation of reality, to paint a picture of coherence, a likeness which brings all the disparate elements of the chart together and joins them in a way that describes what makes you, you. This act of “being joined” is what represents reality, and this is the role of the creative counselor, to assist in this “joining.” This is what is meant by “astrology rooted in the reality of the world,” and the proper aim of the Hudson Valley Astrologer. In this vein astrology is a process not a destination; Astrology is Yoga.

At the Hudson Valley Astrologer, our mission is to help you unlock your hidden potential through personalized guidance. Through a guided discussion and analysis of your astrological chart, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of your unique characteristics and guide you towards a more fulfilling life path of self-discovery aligned with your dharma. Our consultations provide practical insights into your past, present, and future, helping you make meaningful connections with the world around you. While we don’t claim to have all the answers or the ability to predict every outcome, we are dedicated to helping you tap into your inner strength and live a more purposeful life.

The same process that gives birth to our individuality powers the stars. On an astronomical scale this principle is known as nuclear fusion. Metaphysically this process represents an essential component in what shapes personality, and fusion in astrology begins with identification of the Sun’s energy in combination with the lucidity of the Moon.

The Astral Core is an astrological approach that works to communicate the essence of a person through their horoscope. Using the ancient language of astrology, we have developed an eye for how “light” falls on a chart, much in the way the painter applies pigment to their brush, touching the canvas with dabbles of light until an image emerges. Much in the way words spill from the tip of a writer’s pen onto vellum paper. Like the painter and the writer, the astrologer’s artistry doesn’t just add color to the portraiture of a horoscope, there is an incredible amount of detail that needs to be delineated. Astrologers identify patterns in a chart with such precision that every horoscope feels like a fingerprint. Astrological analysis then is a creative immersion. Anyone who has had their chart analyzed can appreciate what it means to be drawn to this circle of fire, where inspiration alights, where seekers explore their hopes, fears, and dreams. Where symbolism comes alive. But The Master understands that fate is not a given. There is something more going on here than merely revealing one’s destiny. The goal may simply be not to let the miracle of fusion which took place at birth become a fission.

What takes place after the moment of birth, and throughout life development, continuously shapes the essence of who we are. The condition of the Sun and Moon together in synthesis, plus modifications to the Sun and Moon, affect the baseline analytical narrative. Calibrating lines of tension in the chart adjusts the core meaning and adds scope and depth. We suss all of this out together, in confidence, within the consultation. We also identify independent constructs in the chart that stand apart, as prominent patterns in and of themselves. What stands apart suggests difficulty in the fusion reaction; some things within the core of the chart, within life, have difficulty coming together. Energy cannot be released because the component parts are not yet integrated.

Miraculously, the patterns found in the sky at the time of birth, where you were born, are also found in the patterns you experience in life. These patterns tend to repeat, in astrology, just as in life. So, the core statement made by the Sun and Moon reverberates around the chart and throughout development. Understanding the essence of the birth chart enables discussion of core concerns in a way few other modalities can match and highlights an extraordinary approach toward Self-Understanding, and Self-Awareness. Healing the divided self happens when we tell our stories. Astrology is an invaluable tool in this effort. In a sense, astrology helps make your prophetic life better.

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