Hudson Valley Astrologer is a blog about Astrology in real life. You may not be especially interested in the astrological du jour because that sort of forecasting seems so unreliable and impersonal. My intention with this blog is to share more of what I’ve learned about life than what I know about astrology. And in the process hopefully learn more about both. The last thing the internet needs is another website or blog spewing out clichés and home spun epithets about this months “astrology forecast.” My hope and intention is to go a little deeper.

Valleys are impressions made in the Earth. The astrologer practicing in the valley has metaphorically come down from the mountain so to speak. Symbolically he has come off his high horse. He prays for humility to grow in these lush fertile fields and for abundant understanding, protected from the rugged heights and astral windstorms so common near the peaks. There is The New Way! A way without an astrology king. Dethroned, his crown of snow capped mountain tops melted, we move toward the center and not away from it. Astrology no longer belongs to a priestly sect. The Knowledge belongs to each Individual; Everyone, everywhere, together.

Astrology is about so much more than just the stars and planets. Astrology is about your real life. Not a fantastical “reading of the stars.” So please join me in exploring something a bit different. My spin on this blog aims to apply a multi disciplinary approach to astrology but with a twist. Hopefully readers find this work refreshing beyond the nostalgic backward looking views that grip this sacred art as well as our geopolitics. The obsession to “go back and make things the way they use to be,” under the presumption that things were in fact better, seems misplaced. Reminiscence, even under the cloak of academic discipline, is an emotional reflex steeped in a lack of understanding. A melancholy perhaps that visits mankind from time to time. I will do my best to broaden that perspective and enhance astrological insight with real life observations and case studies. The social sciences, religion, psychology and philosophy can be helpful in this aim as we attempt to learn from life much more than we know about astrology. Noel Tyl said it best “we must relate the horoscope to an individual’s reality.” To not do so, to do the opposite, relating the person to the horoscope, is to follow a design merely intent on capturing readers attention, to apprehend their spirit, incarcerate and imprison their will against unlimited possibilities. The “old astrology” seems to foster dependence and enable “prediction addiction.” But the emerging astrology, becomes an effective tool for self discovery, a trusted design for better understanding life; for making life better.