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Humanistic Astrology is “Astrology Rooted in the Reality of the World.” The Hudson Valley Astrologer practices a practical brand of astrology, aimed at helping clients make their lives better. What transpires within the dynamic of the consultation is a two way guided conversation, aided by an analytical discussion of the Horoscope in Synthesis.

Veracity is a consultation’s greatest strength. There is little space or time to discuss unverifiable or theoretical constructs so the discussion will stick close to what we know is true for the client within their own lived experience. The Hudson Valley Astrologer, also know as The Astral Core, believes that keeping the soles of our feet on the ground is a good way of caring for the soul.

Astrology can be likened to bees making honey. Three parts are necessary for making honey according to John Burroughs: The Bee, The Flower, and “something else.” That something else he called the nectar of the gods, or some such thing, that had fallen from the firmament. I have spent days looking for the exact quote but cannot find it. I will keep looking to give Burroughs his due. Perhaps the flower is likened to the astrologer, and the bee likened to a client. Each depends on the other, the client (bee), comes to the astrologer (flower), to add “something” to their “honey sac,” and only in the communion of the two is the third thing invited into the process, the nectar of the firmament (Astrology). It is perhaps the most eloquent description I’ve heard yet. of a process that can produce such incredibly sweet and sticky insights.

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com