umanistic Astrology is “Astrology Rooted in the Reality of the World.” My approach is simple! To share Astrology that helps you live life better.


eracity is an attractive virtue, and while veritas liberabit te, “the truth will set you free,” is a saying worth repeating, getting at the TRUTH is easier said than done. Guided by Astrology, we can be honest with ourselves in a way we have never been before. Digging up and uncovering our story with fresh eyes and understanding to discover amazing truths that may have escaped us in the past can help because our personal stories grip us, and grab hold of our dreams. We need to understand how old narratives cling to intentions in a way that sully our aim and cause us to overshoot the target with unbridled ambition, to overcompensate for some pain, or character flaw, or on the other hand, we need to see why it is we undershoot the target in a cycle of perennial underachievement. Our STORY, personified by The Astral Core, an astrological construct introduced to clients and discussed on The Consulting by Degrees page, is the key setup to having a good discussion. Astrology consultations help us find common ground within ourselves, to in a word become grounded. Recovering lost narratives and reconnecting our hearts to the Central Point of what brought us here in the first place, Recentering, lays bare the story beneath the story. Telling our story is one of the most effective ways of attending to our True Selves, and so The Astral Core is a way of caring for that soul-spark that lies hidden within each one of us.


strology can be likened to bees making honey. Three parts are necessary for making honey according to John Burroughs: The Bee, The Flower, and “something else.” That something else he called the nectar of the gods, or some such thing, that has fallen from the firmament. I am paraphrasing Burroughs from memory having lost the citing for the exact quote, but I liken the flower to the astrologer and liken the bee to an astrology client. Each depends on the other since the client (bee) comes to the astrologer (flower) to get “something,” to add to their “honey sac.” Their communion brings in a third thing, that “something else” which is what is added to the process and is understood to be the nectar of the firmament (Astrology). An eloquent and accurate description of both the astrological process, as well as the process of making honey, either process produces something incredibly sweet and hopefully something that sticks for a lifetime. So, let’s drink up, the nectar of the gods.

Motivational Astrology: Preparing for Change

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