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HVA Welcome

WELCOME.  This astrology blog is not just for the initiated. It is also, for anyone who feels the welcome tug of the stars. A force so eloquently described in the rich language we call astrology.

Our aim is to share knowledge you can take on the go with you . Small capsules for your soul. And like your daily vitamin dose or nutritional organic shake in the morning we are confident that these pages will bring you a reinvigorated outlook and perspective. We will share quick and relevant ideas that target the heart as well as the mind. At times we promise to be a little irreverent. At other times we promise to come off as  groveling astrologers shamelessly defending the most sacred art. Lets get at it and share meaningful astrological principles using pictures, symbols, and charts. Lets “do it” on the “back of an envelope.”

Link out to broader discussions and articles of interest written by the Hudson Valley Astrologer, or follow and connect with other professional astrologers from the Hudson Valley and beyond.  The Hudson Valley Astrologer can help make those connections for you. Ask about our Face to Face Program if you are looking to meet up with an astrologer face to face. We encourage more face time in general as an antidote to the hyper ‘dis-connectivity’ created by today’s technology. If you are an astrologer, we encourage you to ask us how you can participate in our Face to Face Program.

“Ceade mile failte”, literally a hundred thousand welcomes. My hope is to be as helpful to you as astrology has been to me. I am here at your service and in service to astrology.

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