Old Narratives An old narrative holds that Swine Herders once held outsized power in society but lost their influence when rivals stampeded their claim to authority relegating the Swine Herder to second-class citizen. The Swine Herder was displaced by a new power. One of the oldest and most popular myths of all time taken from […]

Making Elephants Dance

“Socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the poor.” Martin Luther King “A perfect call?” Perfect in what way? Maybe perfect in the same way we mean that “the perfect is the enemy of the good?” #45’s blunderbuss never seemed more inflated than it does now. And Mainstream Media enables him. They allow for unlimited […]

G'd Up

Gianna Maria Onore Bryant shared a birthday with Me’Arah O’Neal, or Mimi as she is known. Mimi is Shaquille O’Neal’s youngest daughter. And like Mimi, Gianna would adopt a nickname. She would be known as Gigi. One report claimed that Mimi was born “6 minutes” after Gigi.1 It was May 1st, 2006. The time quoted […]

Waiting for Understanding

Godot, or what I mean to say, Understanding, never shows up in Samuel Beckett’s play. Never arrives. Finding meaning in the play seems elusive. Like life. And yet at the same time the audience is mysteriously drawn into the act. But just when you’ve had a enough, waiting for something to happen, right before you […]

Law of Aversion

By now it is no “secret” that just thinking about a thing doesn’t make it so. Not without commensurate work and hustle! I talked about this in my first post: Pack up the Moon. My tribute to “a whale of a teacher” Noel Tyl, whose tireless work ethic and a tremendous sense of responsibility transformed […]

Pack up the Moon…

When I first heard his voice come through the small speaker tucked to my ear I was taken aback. He was famous. My journey in life up to that point involved numerous detours and job vagaries leading nowhere. Dead ends. He published some 48 books and counting. He graduated from Harvard. His website was smart […]