Solar Ingress into Aquarius

My Notes on The Magical Carousel by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, chapter eleven, Aquarius.1

The Universal Transformation

The story arrived at the end of Capricorn right on time, but readers were left up in the air, in a manner of speaking, as the notetaker needed to recalibrate and internalize the experience. Getting back to the story we learn that the children had been thrown into a whirl of smoke. But the smoke that they were tossed into the middle of held them in fixed abeyance while a tornado spun wildly all around them, reaching incredible heights. What the children thought was the smoke, they discovered, was really a part of the greater gust of wind kicking up all kinds of havoc. The most notable aspect of their experience was the speed and fury of the spinning wind, but also the “iridescent colors and vibrations creating the most beautiful musical sounds.” 1 Nothing was left nailed down. Anything belonging to the civilization had been uprooted and was now flying in a swirl all about them. Juxtaposed to the harmonious music was a disturbing sight where the “ferocious tornado had destroyed the entire land it passed through.” 1

At the pinnacle of change, the vibrations lessen, and the colors dim until the tornado loses its wind and becomes a mere breeze of its former self. Suddenly, the children are loosened from the grip of their suspended animation and begin hurling down an imaginary funnel, gasping for breath, descending through the bottom of a cone shaped conduit, and into a magnificently large jar. Inside, they realize that everything that had been uprooted by the storm has come along with them to be contained and spinning in what seems like a gigantic water jug, including the tornado.

With more awareness the children might even have been less surprised by the events unfolding. But everything seemed to happen in an instant, when “EVERYTHING collected by this cyclone is amassed in this great vat a lid covers the opening and Val and Pom-pom find themselves floating in an etheric element, suspended like two little stars trying to figure a way out of such an incredible place.” 1

The jar begins to make a hideous noise, so much so that the vat reverberates to a point of shattering its contents, including the small children. The vibrations completely penetrate everything contained within the vessel, and as their awareness grows, they realize that the source of the noise comes from ALL that was collected by the swirling storm and deposited within the vat, the ruins of society, the buildings, cars, and houses, etc. “Soon it develops a whining pitiful drone and then the children understand they are listening to the anguished cries of all humanity that had been swept away by the destructive current.” 1

Questions race through their minds as they try and figure out what to do, and how to help the people trapped inside. But also, to figure out precisely where they are.

Once the lid was securely in place, no one was able to see themselves or anyone else. But slowly the eyes adjust and become accustomed to the dimness, so that all the ruins can be seen piled up in a heap, forming a mountain of debris that reaches up to the lid of the container. The children’s desperation grows, they are compelled to escape their containment, mostly because of the incessant cries and bleating anguish of the people who they are at a loss to help. They agree to find a way out and float over to the pile, grab hold, and pull themselves up, higher and higher until they see the number 11 and another new symbol next to the number.

There is of course a key and together they manage the remarkable feat of turning it inside the lock, and even more remarkable they somehow move the lid to one side, an extraordinary act for two “tiny people”. Outside they meet a new and unexpected place, the setting is highly unusual, and different from any place they’ve ever been. A “kind of cosmic hippodrome”,1 the place the children have entered is contained by walls “which are existent yet non-existent”.1

The people that fill the great hallway are all composed of the same substance that makes up the wall. Their ethereal bodies reminiscent of the legends of specters and spirits. There is singing and music, and “strange electric sounds produced by invisible instruments”.1 The sounds are incredible, original, and fresh in the sense of being heard for the very first time, but also unbelievably moving. When the music and singing come a stop, a man appears. He is made of the same stuff as the walls and everyone else, except for an inner glow that illuminates his refined characteristics.

[speech] “Another era begins, and the foundations of a new race are laid. On this day, January 21st, the cosmic broom has returned to Aquariusland, bringing with it all that it swept away on its revolutionary journey”. 1

He gestures toward the vat as the crowd cheers. “All the foundations must be shaken, everything old must be uprooted, for there is no possibility of renovation unless a total change is brought about. This will cause pain, dismay, and panic throughout the land in its beginning. But I say unto you, brothers and sisters who have gathered here in spirit, the new era has emerged, and a glorious future awaits a humanity that is not afraid to accept the totally new conditions offered to them.” 1 (p. 117)

The crowd goes wild with such whoop and clamor that a strange intensity takes hold, reverberating throughout the cosmic vault. The speaker signals to the throng to calm down so he may continue which is when he calls out Val and Pom-pom, who weren’t even aware they’d been seen or identified. The children are introduced as “new arrivals”, asked to approach, and bring the globes they carried with them from Capricorn.

The globes are raised, and all onlookers are entreated to “look closely” because an important realization is about to be shared. It is pointed out that each globe has a plus and a minus sign on it, representing the future and the past. The reason for passing through Aquarius is for the elimination of “the dead memories which condition the future”. 1 The past is not to be denied as much as it is to be done away with, put away, and left behind where it belongs. This is an unexpected revelation that is at once heroic as much as it is new and different, because after all the past has been influencing the future for as long as anyone remembers, and as long as both have been juxtaposed in time. Such a change is no small happening because “it leaves open the doors to the future and all that it shall bring!” 1

With that pronouncement the speaker eliminates the minus signs from the globes with a snap of his fingers and tosses them into oblivion. The crowd lets loose with an uproarious crescendo of glee and excitement. Then the globes are returned to the children with only the plus sign still on them, and they are asked to follow the speaker down from the platform, through the admiring rally of people.

The multitude begins to breakup and go off in different directions. Val and Pom-pom are informed that in a sense the work has only just begun, that the people will reassemble in groups who will gather and continue the work. There are various workshops where many different roles to be filled are apprenticed and practiced. “In each place various cosmic currents are assembled with very special and complicated devices, and then stored in jugs and left to age. When the time is ripe these currents are poured into the ether and travel through space, affecting the specific sector of existence they were concocted for.” 1 (p. 118) No area of life is left untouched: religion, politics, education, medicine, art, and music. All these areas and even the weather and climate are affected “when these are useful for bringing about upheavals necessary for the evolution of humanity.” 1 The speaker reveals to the children how he creates the recipes that in a sense manufactures the currents, and then shows them the laboratory where he invents these mechanisms and how they “for the good of all humanity come into being”. 1

The organization of all the etheric spirits, around the world, operates on an extraordinary harmonic previously unknown. Everyone involved works in “perfect accord” and across all races. There is an understanding that only through “friendship and brotherhood” can such an undertaking be carried out.

The children’s tour through Aquarius comes to a conclusion when they arrive at a place that is more unique and different than any of the previous stops. Here, at the last stop, there is a sign that reads WATER CARRIER. This is the place of the pouring! When asked what kind of water is poured, the speaker responds:

The speaker addresses his “friends” to come and learn about their mission, to discover how best to make use of their qualities in successfully completing the work. Since the goal that is stated is for the good of all mankind there is a heightened sense of significance attached. But more work is required. The speaker brings the children into a special chamber where etheric spirits guide them in the ways of higher perception and specific modes of communication. Finally, their sojourn in Aquarius is done.

Before they embark onto the next and final leg of their journey, unusual means and methods used to prepare the various jugs, with alternative currents, are directed at the children, and “a treatment of magnetic waves that thoroughly shakes them up, shattering their very core” is applied. Strangely, they begin to gently spin after their treatment, but then gradually the whirl they are in picks up speed and force. They become individual tornadic forces in and of themselves. The ethereal spirits guide them into an enormous funnel where they join with the currents, and “flow into a jug and remain suspended in the etheric waves.” Soon the time ripens, and the children feel the jug lifted, and after a time feel themselves carried a small way until the jug tilts, again the children begin to spin ferociously. Outside the jug the Water Carrier is heard chanting a song meant to inspire and proclaim their mission:

1 Norelli-Bachelet, P. (2017). The Magical Carousel and Commentaries: A Zodiacal Odyssey (2017th ed.). Notion Press, Inc.

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