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My notes on Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s Commentaries. Please see footnote for information on the source of this essay or go to the source: The Magical Carousel.

There is only one rule to follow in this journey, and it is to “follow the Sun“. Each new sign introduces a new lay of the land in the story and the rule encourages the travelers to not stay a single day longer than necessary. It is the Sun who lights the way, and gives us our light… Therefore, we must always follow the Sun!

The Sun moved into Aquarius in the morning, Friday, January 20th, at 4:30 A.M. est… I have been racing to put my notes up from Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s commentaries on chapter ten of The Magical Carousel, but the journey through Capricorn was excruciatingly difficult and long this year. There are over 8500 words in my notes. But getting those words down was painfully slow. During this period, I published a few Instagram Posts that were on point, and that spoke to my experience. Interestingly, I received Thomas Moore’s new book Dark Nights of the Soul. A terrific book, but progress stalled there too, only reading up to The Mire of Love in part two, a section he calls DISTURBANCES. Go figure! There are no accidents!

Notice the glyph that represents Capricorn and how on approach to the first peak there is a slight incline, but then a plunge down into the core of the sign where the path suddenly turns back up again before jutting out and looping back in on itself, a kind of resolution of the angular tension that defines the start. The symbol is apropos of the lived experience one has traveling the path through Capricorn. Why have I not noticed this before? Until now?

I am going to do my best to record the notes, but I am mindful that this material isn’t for the faint of heart, and certainly won’t start going viral anytime soon. That was never my intention for starting this series anyway. Ha! I’ve lost more followers than I’ve gained with how recondite this material gets, and the nature of Capricorn represents some of the densest most profound material in Thea’s work. It is where she introduces readers to a Cosmic breakthrough, one that Einstein himself was not able to unlock. Readers will need to go to the source, but I will summarize her answer to the riddle of his coveted unified field theory and why he had such difficulty breaking through himself. This chapter presented some of the most challenging esoteric material I have ever come across. I hope you find it in the very least intriguing, but mostly that it sparks a flame that lights the fire for you to begin your own journey.

Like everyone else on the planet I tried to speed things up by eliciting the help of ChatGPT, the new A.I. craze sweeping the internet and social media. A cool technology which can answer questions with well-formed statements that are amazingly coherent. “GPT” in the name stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”, but this technology is limited in scope and time as to whatever it is “trained” on, meaning it only knows what the programmers feed into it in a sense. Another shortcoming I stumbled upon is that bringing up a string of text generated by A.I. removes the writer from the process of writing, which is delving into their own “experience” of the material being discussed. In a sense the path of the Capricorn glyph described above is truncated, flattened out, the peaks and valleys disappear, so naturally things speed up. But something is obviously lost without this process, or let’s just say that something is never found. I will continue to play around with the app but I’m not sure how it might apply to my writing. Seems like the generative part can only crawl the content on the internet it is “trained” to crawl. A friend likened the tool to having an intern who doesn’t need lunch or bathroom breaks, but my sense of the tool is more of a digital ventriloquist who is entertaining but cannot displace the creative element with a bit of technological stagecraft. Real transformation requires initiation. This technology seems to want to skip that step.

I asked ChatGPT to tell me why astrology is important and to do so in a voice that is a cross between Sri Aurobindo and Jordan Petersen… here is the output I got back:

“Astrology, like any other symbolic system, can be seen as a reflection of the deeper psychological and spiritual realities that govern our lives. As Sri Aurobindo wrote, ‘The stars incline, they do not compel’, and in this sense, astrology offers a unique perspective on the potentialities and limitations of our individual journey. Similarly, as Jordan Peterson would say, understanding the archetypal forces at play in our lives can aid in the development of the individual’s consciousness and ultimately lead to a more meaningful existence.” Surprisingly, good! Right?

Jordan Peterson asked ChatGPT to “Write me an essay that’s a 13th rule for “Beyond Order”, written in a style that combines the King James Bible with the Tao Te Ching,” and he got an equally impressive response. But the most significant aspect of using this tool is the time it saves. ChatGPT takes seconds to write something that might take a terrestrial brain an hour to research, or at least some time to think about the question.

Patrizia’s work is not seen by the tool. ChatGPT is not trained on The Gnostic Circle or The Magical Carousel, or any of her other writings. So, ChatGPT was not helpful at all in writing this piece. Instead, I needed to turn toward astrology, which, back in the day I imagine was considered with equal awe and amazement as the innovative technology of the day when it was first discovered or invented. Some of us still do consider astrology with awe and amazement. The zodiac is foundational to Patrizia’s cosmology, and we are reminded in the tenth chapter straight away about the importance of Mars in Capricorn, where it is exalted. This chapter is imbued with the energy of Mars as it is carried over from Scorpio, the sign it rules. We discussed Agni, the god of fire who is ‘hidden in the waters‘ there, on a previous post. We know this from studying the Rig Veda. Recall that In Scorpio, the “inferior warriors” are described as beings who are set against themselves, the lower expression of Mars. In Sagittarius, a necessary taming of the wild nature of Self ensues, and joins ‘a power from above‘ with the ascent from below. This act assists in the breakthrough that brings the movement to the next sign, Capricorn.

I am reminded of the difficulty in understanding all of this by a friend who is a practicing astrologer for 40 years, and an astronomer. He is eternally searching for something ‘real’ and ‘practical’ that he can relate to that will help him digest it all. He sees planetary patterns and movements that describe the course of progress, of cause and effect. Nature and seasonal metaphors seem to work best in this regard and emphasize the personal relationship we have with the zodiac. Whereas Thea Sees an evolutionary process, a process which crystallizes time through an atypical astrological lens and concentrates the light. Immobility, the absence of movement toward a goal, no process of cause and effect, the universe collapsed down to a supreme and immortal point of creation.

The same process that gives birth to our individuality powers the stars”. I wrote this line contemplating the significance of the Sun and Moon in the individual chart and was reminded of this line again when I reread the tenth chapter of The Magical Carousel. I’d forgotten all about this chapter, since I had read it twenty-four years ago, in 1998, nineteen years after it was first published in 1979. I was graduating from high school when it was published, and knew next to nothing about fusion, but even less about astrology. The birth of a thing, of anything, takes place in mysterious ways. As it turns out, conception is indeed a point of fusion, a point in time where a luminous seed is planted. This point is eternally found at zero Aries. There are two more such points in the zodiac, each at zero degrees of the other fire signs: Leo, and Sagittarius. A sacred marriage, a triangle of sacrosanct elements, forges together and not just at conception, but at successively new and higher levels of manifestation, of being reborn.

As the Keeper of Knowledge, and the Sage of Immortal Secrets, we already discussed Heropodus Heronimus from chapter nine who is the curator of the Wisdom of the Ages. His role is to lead the children to Truth, but he has not experienced the things he has only imagined; his mission is to preserve and protect the Knowledge until the student arrives who will break through the barrier. The next level, Capricorn, is the supreme level of Absolute Being: movement and rest become one in the experience of consciousness.” (The Magical Carousel p. 72) At this point in the reading, Thea makes a remarkable comparison between Heropodus Heronimus and Albert Einstein. Like H.H., Einstein was only able to point the way “into the dimensions of consciousness which bring the full experience, he was not the student to provide the real breakthrough, as earth shattering (literally) as his discoveries were.

In the story the children realize Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by living the experience of relativity, by traveling faster than sound and light. Space and motion disappear, “to a point right within themselves,” Thea was not acquainted with Einstein at the time she drafted the story. She did, however, have the “lived experience“. This was the crucial element that Einstein was missing. More recently, the well-known neuroscientist Anil Seth authored a book called Being You, A New Science of Consciousness. He goes into how the brain works and defines consciousness as “the state of being aware of and able to think and perceive one’s surroundings“. His definition alludes to the subjectivity of experience, of being aware of the life that surrounds us. But his notion is that there is no “central point“, but a collection of different processes loosely organized to work together to generate experience of the world. Anil also reminds readers that there is much to learn yet from a scientific perspective, and that we may only be scratching the surface. But Patrizia’s experience suggests a “complete” process and that science needs to catch up, precisely because as the observer, in her example, she discovered the “central point” or core of existence.

The issue at hand is that the ‘observer’ in the analysis has not found their own center; The Astral Core if you like. What has gone missing is an ‘individual constant’. As a rule, people really have no idea where they stand, and as a necessary part in the ‘measuring’ process this lack of centering means that there can be no ABSOLUTE TRUTH and so a plunge through the field of illusion and relativity becomes the dominant experience. Modern neuroscience calls it ‘hallucination’. The illiterate Charles Manson serves as a grotesque example:

“Are you sane?” a reporter asked him at the 1 minute and twenty second time mark of a rehashed documentary aired recently by DATELINE.

“Sane? That’s relative!” he responded with a wry retort positioned as some sort of distorted justification.

This comment had a profound effect on me, being deep in the throes of the Capricorn chapter. PNB discusses how modern science has put “human beings in a grave predicament which has shaken the foundations of his life, as well as his role in society and the collective consciousness of society…” Manson’s sardonic reply mirrored the established scientific view of the day, and still does. His point of view is uncomfortably close to the vantage-point of a Nobel laureate in physics, but with much less math involved. The proximity of their points of view is much closer than the physicist might care to admit. We are not yet out of January, and already there are thirty-nine mass shootings in the U.S.; the number of mass shootings so far this year has exceeded the number of days. Mental illness, extremist ideologies, and easy access to guns are factors. To be sure, a myriad of psychological, social, and cultural influences motivates killers, and we know that mass murderers’ worldviews are often extreme, or distorted, to achieve some change in the world. They aim to correct some perceived wrong against them. Experts often correlate past traumas that precipitate mental illness, and Charles Manson is a textbook case study in this kind of explanation, which is an attempt to try and understand their justification of such violence. But why one individual reacts demonically to life’s traumas, and another responds heroically is a mystery.

Thea taught that a great reversal in consciousness is necessary for a change in direction, and such a realization comes about in the story only after the children experience the speed of consciousness as exceeding the speed of light, when they discover a dimension ‘right within themselves’. This new direction depends on a scientific breakthrough more complete than Einstein’s Relativity Theory, “and symbolizes the leap of the entire collective consciousness”. Discussing the powers of the speed of consciousness in the early 1970s wasn’t without risks and might have threatened someone’s life by being committed to an asylum with such talk. Today, these conversations are still frowned upon by some as deranged, but nonetheless the reversal and speed of consciousness are the missing keys.

The commentaries turn philosophical at this point describing the Upanishad concept of a kingdom ‘no bigger than a thumb’, a point of infinite mass, and motionlessness, the seat of the soul. To see manifestation as something more than a hallucination, requires a speed of consciousness that breaks the “limiting speed of our material universe.” This capacity establishes the profound potential to realize the “unity of macrocosm and microcosm, by a plunge into the tiny spark of inherent light… the point that is the All.” But more than a mental construct, this is a lived philosophy, or a “lived experience.” The symbol referred to as “the point and the circumference” also describes “the unity and the multiplicity”, which is the macro and the micro, or the Absolute in manifestation.

In Capricorn, the Sun is directly overhead at Cosmic Midday and casts no shadow. This is where we come face to face with the Absolute. Each human being is made up of the same stuff that creates the stars, so, we are in a literal sense made of star stuff; we are a part of the universe, and the universe is a part of us.

Thea uses the phrase “stable core” and describes this point as “the true constant of creation” a destination that is reached only when the individual discovers their own divine Measure. A point of inner truth, an absolute law, which is anything but relative, is the experience which planted a new seed of consciousness but is still an unfamiliar state in existence; the Avatars sent to introduce this potential and pass it along to others have completed their mission, so this state of consciousness is set to grow, but it is still very rate. The New Way is a book about the establishment of a Gnostic Society and goes into magnificent detail about all of this. Arriving at an inner truth, encountering the “stable core” if you will, is a process, a process of being initiated into this New Way. However, such an initiation is not for the faint of heart. This is an arduous immersion that plunges into a dark night of the soul and calls upon unknown strength to navigate the depths of the abyss. It is the Path of Capricorn.

This is the gist of Thea’s entire philosophy, that both science and traditional religion have lost their way, and that adherents are blind to this fact, that they are indeed not on the path they believe they are on. A mural is painted on the wall behind the altar of a church in downtown Kingston, N.Y., which speaks to this point of view. The church is known as the “Polish Church”; it is The Church of the Immaculate Conception. The mural is a reproduction of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s interpretation of the “Immaculate Conception”, an image also described in St. John the Divine’s Revelation chapter 12, “— the woman on the mountain with the crown of twelve stars (Capricorn) around her head, and the Moon (Cancer) at her feet.” How many parishioners through the years ever had a clue about the source and deeper meaning of this mural? Like sheep, blindly following one another. Seeking an escape, or a reward in the life hereafter, but failing to SEE the bigger picture that is there right in front of them.

The Magical Carousel introduces a new myth, a new narrative, which speaks to the Divination of Earth and not something from which to escape. The direction necessary is not away from Earth, or out of this universe, but simply more deeply into it. “The laws of relativity stand for the limiting aspects of consciousness. These are precisely the barriers that must be cast down.” P. 87 On the surface, the entire planet seems obsessed with the material world, but the real currency of the universe may have much less to do with one’s personal wealth and much more to do with the Knowledge and Light emanating from the soul, not the false confidence and braggadocio errupting from the personality. Consciousness is still wrapped in an ego shell, protected from the Immortal Rays of the Sun, whose Truth might otherwise incinerate the individual, “for no one may see my face and live“. (Exodus 33:20, NIV)

Grappling with the deepest message of The Magical Carousel revolves around understanding the absolute Truth as it relates to the energy of Time and the inner mechanism of the core of Matter, the absolute law of each created thing. There is no alternative, the journey requires the Truth to reach the heart of each created thing, nothing else can overcome the limitations of relativity. In the story, the Mountain symbolizes the total mass of the universe. The principles of Contraction are played out within the core of the mountain, where the laws of inertia and gravitation are deeply felt and realized. The power behind the force that holds the universe together is the Divine Mother, she is the Supreme Shakti, the body of the Absolute. “And this is the power of Time. The mechanism that controls the play of energy is Time itself; the energy that is in the core is the energy of Time.” The Latin root matr means “mother.” Our obsession with the “material world”, in the economic sense, is just a ripple in time, a distortion of our understanding of the power behind the force that holds the universe together.

In the story, this experience is born out in the dialog where the children meet the Old Man who asks them “who are you”? They are unable to respond in a meaningful way until he reveals a thousand-and-one events from their ancient past, up through the present, and into the future. He concludes the discussion by asking, “now do you know who you are and what your duty is?” The Sanskrit word for “duty” is dharma, or absolute law, one’s eternal and inherent nature, and more. The Old Man is the equivalent of Saturn, or Yama, the god of Death. He is known as the king of Dharma, Kala, and the Spirit of Time. He is Shiva. Yama shares the root word for control. Chapter ten demonstrates all these concepts allegorically, explicitly stating that “… in the core of mass, the mechanism is found that controls the manifestation.” The children “Know” who they are.

Discovering the core, which is the seat of one’s own true law, one’s true nature, happens also to be the “core of every created thing, or of every crystallized body in the universe.” But the core is veiled and hidden from our awareness behind barriers of consciousness. The Magical Carousel is a new myth for the present Age about breaking through these barriers.

The commentaries continue to describe the experience of contraction into a point at an individual level, but such as it is, this experience is extremely rare in the world today. In fact, it may be more appropriate to say such an experience is nonexistent, because very few people have reached their true center, what Thea calls the “stable core“.

The pure state of being in Hindu is called Sat. The “Immobility” described in the story, combined with the ticking of a clock, represents a paradox in the journey where the complex domains of the personality are traversed on the way to the summit, but also results in a depletion of energy because the central “stable core” has not been found yet.

The conscious observer can only perceive the divine Measure when he has found this in himself; hence all ancient wisdom taught that one who would know the universal laws must first find them in himself (Know thyself answers the Oracle of Delphi). The zodiac also reveals this process, because the sign of external universal laws, so to speak, follows the inner plunge of Capricorn”. [p.95] Einstein’s conception of divinity was disconnected from the human being. He might see God’s work within the vastness of the universal harmonies, but this was not very evident in man.

Understanding such poised illumination in fact cannot be appreciated without the “lived experience” so, trying to command such understanding with just the mind is impossible. Through the lived experience “the light and dark become perfectly balanced to form a sublime play of power and knowledge in consciousness…” Metaphorically the journey the children take is within themselves, to “unveil their own darkness if they would reach the luminous summit”.

The “great victory of death” only brought the children to the border of a kingdom, the realization of unity would require more work and the application of the energy for the rise ‘within the mountain’, — that is the core of themselves”. The force, which was transmuted in Scorpio, and was to be their undoing, becomes the force that carries the movement forward, and higher. The dark and light combine to bring about a marriage of heaven and earth, the joining of human consciousness with the summit of the mountain.

The individual is incapable of experiencing this realization today. Entering the deepest regions, or “recesses of himself, where dark and light are experienced as equal parts of the Divine Consciousness and the harmonization of the elements requires him to die to the illusory existence he clings to” and “find his true nature, in the world, in creation, not beyond”. There are very few who would face obliteration of their relative selves, “to experience contraction into the point, or the core of themselves. The dimension wherein they might come face to face with their absolute law of being…” This is the seat of perfection! Where each moment in the universe is an expression of perfection of that point.

The consciousness of relativity is seen and obvious on many levels. Instability reigns per our examples above of Charles Manson and mass shooters, but also of Nobel Laureates. People have grown so accustomed to the point of view of relativity that no other possibility seems to exist except for projecting more of the same; the same old way for our salvation seems to depend on extending the ideals responsible for making such a mess of things in the first place, as though seeking the long elusive harmony “in this cacophony of human insufficiencies” will save the day. Surrendering to the possibility that “choice” and “free-will” is an illusion, threatens the senses by giving “the impression of an inevitable loss of freedom”; Surrendering to one’s dharma anathema to all we know. But each individual existence must reach its true core, its own stable constant, and join with the myriad other “points of true existence” so that a truly harmonious society forms. Everyone will need to be able to answer the question for themselves: “who are you“? And only by getting “to know thyself“, to know one’s dharma, will the answer come.

Einstein might have answered Manson’s moronic statement with an emphatic “No!”. He knew intuitively that there was perfection and precision in the universe. But he was unable to reconcile his intuition with the nature of the human being.

Thus, if physics pointed to the indispensable part of the observer in the process of measuring, the fallible and imperfect condition of the observer would exclude a priori any true perfection and unifying principle, given the human being’s present state. However, Einstein was not aware of the mystical truth that man is indeed created in God’s image. The perfect laws of the universe are also his own laws, which he can discover if he finds the seat of his inherent dharma and the true constant by means of which he can measure phenomena from the stable core”. [p.94]

The external universal laws found in Aquarius are realized only after the inner depths of Capricorn are explored and integrated, and then the immortal properties of the human cell emerge. The story alludes to this discovery metaphorically, referring to the biological clock, which no one yet has discovered as the mechanism in the cell. Which brings us to the mysteries of the cell, and the unraveling of the riddle within that unveils individual destiny.

Thea taught that the Soul and Time are complementary powers. Time is the mechanism which carries out the Soul’s functions in the universe. The Soul is essential to the evolutionary process. Soul force connects to the physical body, is wedded to matter, and the soul realization is a matter of universal AND individual quest. The divine Mother is “the representative of the Absolute in manifestation. She is the incarnate body of the Absolute. She is the entire mass of the universe.”

In Sanskrit the word Kali (a name of the Divine Mother) is derived from the root kala, or Time. She is the power of Time, and the Kaliyuga ‘measurement’, 432,000, is the radius of the Sun in miles, or the system of measurement based on the number 12”. The Old Man gives the children golden globes that are symbolic of the crystallization power of soul, and the globes remain with the children for the rest of the journey. In the other signs, any remnant of a prior age was only carried over for one sign but then replaced with a ‘new power’. Here the globes are a unifying factor that accompanies the children through the last triad, as part of a whole process. The globes contain all the symbol-elements of knowledge. At the summit, a whirlwind rises on the horizon, “an extension in the subtle sphere of the energy-essence of Omanisol, the divine Consciousness-Force of the mountain-mass. Mass here is converted into energy before our eyes in our zodiacal odyssey, but the orderly organization of this energy in the form of a mighty tornado represents the force of evolution in action. This is no unconscious power. On the contrary, it is the manifestation of the highest consciousness. Omanisol dominates this play, for the force of evolution is generated in her very body. The tornado that appears on the horizon is the energy, while the mountain is mass. Einstein’s formula of mass converted into energy on the basis of the constant, the speed of light, is a lived experience for Val and Pom-pom”. [p.98]

The material universe is, as it were, the womb of the divine Mother, — in our story called Omanisol. The creation, preservation, dissolution of the universe is all a play within her being, each one a different mode of her consciousness-force in manifestation. The conversion of a portion of her body-mass into force-energy is an eternal action: the Mother is always sacrificing a portion of herself, converting a part of her material being into the energy that is the driving force of the evolutionary movement. In the core of the stars this conversion takes place and when one sun is extinguished in this supreme act of emission, this total act of self-giving, another arises in her womb and the play of transmutation of consciousness-force continues, on and on into infinity, into eternity”. [p.99]

Capricorn represents the Mother of universal dimension, whereas Cancer represents the Mother in her personal aspect. She furnishes creatures in the latter aspect with ego-shells to protect them on their journey. The ego-shell isolates each creature and closes them in a sphere of limited awareness, a consciousness centered purely on the smaller aspects of life, incapable of identifying with the vast principles of universal existence. What protects the children in Capricorn is knowledge. “It is reflective of the conversion of mass into energy, for higher knowledge is a material substance and in the human consciousness the transmutation brought about in this process of initiation results in a power”.

We know that the 1950’s revealed the DNA and RNA structures of the cell, which is the location of the cell’s “time machine” revealed in the story. The details discussed in these commentaries delves into the correspondence between events and dates based on Thea’s turning age 18 in 1956, reminding readers that “18 is the number-power key to this entire Manifestation” … There was an announcement in 1956 by the Mother that the supramental manifestation had occurred.

In another conversation with the disciple who recorded the note of the Mother’s first vision, she describes a second experience that was such an unusual perspective she was compelled to keep it secret. But it was very much related to the mountain’s inner chamber, to the consciousness of Absolutes, the central realization of Capricorn and the initiation… but she wished to keep this discovery secret to protect all parties. Here is the secret she kept concealed: “The decisive aspect of the experience was the absence of movement toward a goal, the process of cause and effect.”

She describes how cause and effect disappear, belonging as they do to the world of time and space. But she has difficulty in identifying the element, and she says it cannot be called a ‘movement’, a ‘state of consciousness’, a ‘revelation’; so, one must say ‘thing’. Each “thing” carries within itself its absolute law”. What is next described is the elimination “of the chained succession of events in the consciousness, of ‘purpose’”. What has been realized is that the “horizontal” movement is illusory and displaced by a “vertical” movement, the “shape of the mountain”.

The absence of an appreciable sequence, or flow of time, which is the foundation for the discovery of the inherent absolute law of each thing, is a rather disturbing factor”. It is a paradox that this state contains the creation and the Void as well, a perception where time and space seem to disappear. “But then what of the creation, which cannot be without time and space”?We penetrate the heart of matter and reach the seat of simultaneous time, which creates the impression in our limited consciousnesses of a state out of time, out of space. The simultaneity of the condition is the cause for this apparent timelessness. However, just the opposite is the case: rather than no time, it is the very essence of time, — an experience denied to us because we live in the consciousness of the relative. [p. 122]

“No movement, no goal, no purpose. Simply to be, on and on into infinity.” This expression describes the opposite of the ordinary human being’s perception, who lives in the consciousness of the chain of Karma. Understanding that there can be an incarnation in a different consciousness is beginning to grow, one that obliterates the chain of cause and effect, to result in a state of pure Being.

The conclusion of chapter 10 in The Commentaries wraps up an extraordinary tale of simultaneous visions, thousands of miles apart in time and space, between the Mother and Theas, and the discovery of a formula for a new vision that unveils a secret too extraordinary for ordinary consciousness to accept, which is simultaneous time. This new perception allows a new vision of Saturn, and especially as it pertains to traditional Astrology’s concept of karma.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. When I began this project last year at the Spring Equinox it never occurred to me how difficult the journey would become. My goal was to merely share a perspective of astrology as it relates to a “children’s book” called The Magical Carousel. Well, as it turns out the climb gets steeper and steeper and increasingly more difficult to put in one’s own words, at least for me, without obliterating Thea’s message. So, that is why each subtitle states explicitly that these are “my notes” on Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s writing. It’s unfathomable to me that she sat down and authored this story and the commentaries as a “stream of consciousness”. All I am doing is “making notes” and invariably leave out or skew my interpretation as I struggle to understand the material. Still, I feel close to this work, and closer still after laboring through this mini project. But I encourage seekers to grab a copy of The Magical Carousel for themselves, to take the plunge as it were, and follow the Sun.

Norelli-Bachelet, P. (2017). The Magical Carousel and Commentaries: A Zodiacal Odyssey (2017th ed.). Notion Press, Inc.

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