I Want to Fly

“I wish that I could fly

into the sky

So very high

like a dragon fly…”

Lenny Kravtiz ~ Fly Away

Gary Vaynerchuk has probably wanted to be a Jet before her took his first flight from Belarus to America. Moving to this country at the age of 3 must have been extremely emotional. Solar Arc Moon opposed the Ascendant in September 1978, and squared the Midheaven the month before in August of that same year. Perhaps the experience wasn’t exactly traumatic but it may in part help explain why Gary was belittled as a kid and didn’t perform well in school. Missing out on early language development can correlate to a learning deficit that creates a gap that is difficult to close. This may be at the root of what caused a slight disadvantage in his secondary education experience. It’s no wonder he disparages school the way he does. It must have been a grueling and emotional ordeal for him. Berating that experience makes all the sense in the world, but in fact may be misplaced even though his arguments are cogent and coherent.

But the Sun rules his 11th House and is conjunct the Nodal Axis. We deduced in the previous posts that this measurement suggests a “special” relationship with the mother, and that Gary needs to feel loved beyond compare. With the identity tied so tightly to the mother image, and the Moon trine to this important point, plus Venus semi-square to it, the suggestion is very strong that he might have monopolized his mother’s affection, taking his fair share of her time and attention, and then some, away from others somehow. She’d allow it. She would support him in ways that would help him feel loved and accepted, despite his difficulties, and teach him how he could love of his own image, predominantly, much in the way she demonstrated that love for him. He could love himself the way she loved him, AND the way some of his fans would eventually come to love him.

The Sun rules the 11th House and represents our need for the love we receive. The 11th House is also the House of friends and groups, and our “networks.” The effect in this case in one of an overcompensating radiance shining from the Sun, energy channels behavior smartly in ways that gain attention and win relationships. No doubt about it! Venus, semi-square to the Sun-Node, rules the 2nd House of self-worth, and the 9th, higher mind stuff. The self-worth is illuminated within a worldview and personal philosophy that is attractive. Pluto empowers Venus in the 1st House. Gary’s perspective, the need to build, protect, and maintain a strong sense of self-awareness is dramatically symbolized. Status and identity are extremely important with Pluto here, as is the concomitant anxiety needed to marshal all his resources, a secret motivation to fortify the personality’s strengths. One such strength is a highly attuned sense regarding his personal position within relationships, and he will exploit this intuition, to share and exchange resources with others as a way of defining who he is.

The previous posts covered Gary’s horoscope analysis in great detail, so no need to rehash that all here. Looking forward, Solar Arc Uranus opposes Gary’s natal Mercury early next year. This is a significant progression because Mercury rule Gary’s Midheaven and Ascendant. Being a CEO, it is obvious, that life can get extremely taxing and stressful at times. But in spite of the cavalier and easy-going mannerism he projects on his social media feeds, something is revving him up and amplifying his anxiety to a level 10 starting this May, 2021, and lasting to late February next year. He may take his enterprise in a new and controversial direction at this time or announce some kind of over-the-top gambit that he alone is confident in, and so will seem the odd man out going against consensus view of stakeholders. Maybe that’s operating as normal for Gary. I don’t really know since I do not have an inside track. We shall wait and see.

Instead of delineated his whole life, the way I did with Kobe Bryant I want to zoom in on one thing. One event that hasn’t happened yet, and see if we can come close to something Gary says often, almost as a throw away line. BUT for which he has a deep GREEN passion for, and it’s not money.


The date that I’ve chosen to home in on is January 28th, 2048. This is when Solar Arc Jupiter comes to the Midheaven and Saturn transits the Midheaven, just before this time; then Jupiter passes the M.C. immediately after this date. Secondary Progressed Moon is conjunct the Sun February 6th, 2048 right after the Solar Arc and the Tertiary Moon comes to Midheaven just before the Solar Arc date in early December the year before in 2047. Let’s Summarize:

SP Moon December 2047

Transiting Saturn conjunct M.C. 2047

Solar Ar Jupiter M.C. January 28, 2048

Transiting Jupiter conjunct the M.C. 2048

Gary will be 73 years old and reaching a pinnacle of life. It looks like he’s from “good stock,” as both his parents look great for their age, so I suspect Gary will be very young looking and feeling like a vibrate 73-year-old. He will make the announcement that he is the proud owner of the New York Jets in early December 2047.

This will not be a walk in the park. He will go against his advisor’s recommendations. He will challenge the opposition head on. It will be a battle. And he’ll put his life’s work on the line but fight to the death for it because the legacy he leaves his children means everything to him. But I think there will be moments when he questions if the risk is worth it (Uranus square Neptune October 2047 to February 2048) and there will be times when he feels as though he could lose it all (Saturn square Pluto January 2048 to July 2048.

None of these measurements emphatically state “Gary Vaynerchuk Buys the New York Jets in December 2047.” Just like the rash of activity beginning in May of this year doesn’t explicitly state a change of direction, or a nervous breakdown trying his every last nerve. Astrologers need corroboration from their clients in real time, both for their own efficacy but also such that the Astrologer and clients can learn together and calibrate the discussion more helpfully.

But if you held my feet to the fire and demanded I tell you what I know, I’d say “not much,” but I know this, Gary V will own the New York Jets one day. I just can’t be certain which day is the day he signs the dotted line. The purpose of this post isn’t to prove it one way or the other. The purpose is to demonstrate if you have some big deal looming and you want to put the odds in your favor then a consultation can provide an enormous amount of clarity and insight.    

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