Battle of Midway

In an illustration depicted by Kurt Miller, the dramatic story of the Battle of Midway is told in epic color and detail. The vertical directions are emphasized. This is an up or down situation. Do, or die. Midway was the scene of the harrowing “turning point” of World War II. We all come to such turning points in our lives where we must decide on a new direction. Where we either choose up, or down. Where we decide which way to go. But before we decide, before we commit to an all-out effort, our ambitions need to be aligned with our goals. We are motivated by meaning, not hope. As a nation, the U.S. approached the war with a sense of duty to the ‘free’ world. Democracy, if we weren’t victorious, would be held at the mercy of tyranny. Personal battles do not always rise to the existential level of Midway perhaps, but for the individual in a life crisis, it can certainly seem so. But as an individual, before going on the offensive, first think about gaining victory over the essential battle that is waging within your heart. What is it you were born to do?

Let’s discuss your potential to be a digital marketing guru. But first let’s look at the correspondences that might help explain why Gary Vaynerchuk seemingly waltzed into an old stodgy media business and blew it up. Why the direction he chose in life appears custom fit for him “individually.” We are going to look under the hood so to speak at Gary’s “Midpoints,” * and how his dramatic rise is described in large part by the interrelationship of the planets in his chart. The “Midway” point between two potentials circumscribed by a third potential. The “what” that can be accomplished relates to the “how” it can be accomplished, stated separately as two expressions on opposite sides of the same equation. Robert Recorde, who invented the equal sign in 1557, meant for the symbol to equate sameness between the two expression on opposing sides of the symbol. My friend, Don McBroom, brilliantly applies the symbol for the purpose of midpointology in describing the “what” (A), “can be accomplished through” (=), “how it can be accomplished” (B/C). The equation he articulates in his book Midpoints 1 is A=B/C. In a sense, Gary Vaynerchuk’s midpoint analysis suggests outsized vocational success. He answered his calling. “Accomplishment” is not a guarantee of course, Gary’s success is on him, but his chart definitely suggests a leg up and especially in the career he chose, or we might say the career that chose him.

Below is a list of Gary’s most significant midpoint pictures. Use these descriptions to help make sense of the 90-degree sort at the bottom of this list. Gary thinks anyone can be a digital guru. So, do I. Only I also think that it might be much easier for some, than for others, and having a few powerful midpoint pictures in your chart might help.

The Ascendant and the Midheaven here relate to the “midpoint” of the Moon and Venus to within an “orb” of 1 degree. Since Gary’s Ascendant and Midheaven are so close to the Aries Point we would allow for an even wider “orb of consciousness” or influence.

The Ascendant and Midheaven are important in every chart, and so these “pictures” take on added significance for Gary. When the Ascendant relates to the Moon/Venus midpoint there is a suggestion that the individual expresses affection and caring toward others easily and is received well in return by them. This is a “show” of caring, and at a glance his behavior reflects a genuine, unrehearsed sincerity. Take this “picture” and logically bleed it into the next picture. The Midheaven relates to the Moon/Venus midpoint with a promise of success; a feeling of well-being and of someone who brings value to others. Boom! How cool is that? And we’re just getting started.

(only 13 minutes separation) Gary projects a charm that is camera ready under the influence of this midpoint. He has a certain appeal that sells and an allure that draws attention. There is a promise of action and readiness. And behind this motivation lies a type of psychological amativeness for people. But the desire is for connection and not necessarily physical, more like a passionate sense of belonging. The old adage that “sex sells” applies and although Gary may not consider himself a sex icon, there is something “loving” about the guy that oozes from him like an elixir that his audience drinks up and cannot get enough of.

(only 24 minutes separation) My first view of the DailyVee introduced me to someone with boundless excitement for whatever he was discussing. Gary’s enthusiasm is probably the one trait people most remember about him. His brand of enthusiasm sticks like honey and won’t come off easily. It makes sense that his publicity and fame would “pop” with this midpoint engaged and that his “world view” would go viral and somehow be sustained in the sweet amber of transformation.   

(only 38 minutes separation) This midpoint picture stands out because it involves Jupiter, which is by itself in the Southwest quadrant, retrograde. The Moon is swimming solo in the Northwest quadrant, quindecile to Pluto. Uranus is tied up in a square with Saturn. This midpoint is about BIG ideas (owning the Jets), making outsized plans and suddenly gaining success. * This is an excellent midpoint picture to have if you decide to “quit” your day job.

(only 29 minutes separation) This is a challenging midpoint! There is a difficulty suggested about following rules and directives, feeling restricted and skeptical, being beat or hurt. Personal wants compete for time and attention in a clash between what is needed over what is dreamed about, and idealized.

(only 05 minutes separation) This midpoint makes all the sense in the world. The suggestion here is for an entertaining projection, that is creatively ingenious, and again, another reference for an expansive and excitable enthusiasm. There are also networking opportunities suggested, potential new connections through new associations.

(only 09 minutes separation) An important picture given Mercury’s peregrine status. The need to communicate with precision, and in a ways that cuts through the noise to make one pay attention. One who “day trades” attention for “fun.”. Gary’s bright, scintillating mind, and the speed of his thought reactions, is described well by this picture. His understanding quickens but he is also capable of delivering a biting harsh response, probably a common reaction observed by those who work closest with him. At the same time his propensity for over analyzing can become agonizing to those same close associates.

(only 1 degree and 2 minutes separation) The possibility for extraordinary change is illuminated by this midpoint. The urge for taking initiative, risk, and adventure compels one to “spread ones’ wings and fly.” The “thrill” of the ride is strongly felt within, and that feeling (the thrill) becomes an addiction.

(only 20 minutes separation) Empowered action to change the world with others.

(only 13 minutes separation) Another odd midpoint, incongruent with the public image, but more meaningful privately perhaps. It involves Neptune. Dealing with others can tend toward being impractical. (Not sure how this picture fits in with the persona of a successful CEO?) Gary appears to be hyper practical, but then again some of the early “bets” he’s made on new technology probably looked impractical as hell at the time. Neptune also represents intuition and we already noted Gary’s abundant store of knowledge and foresight. He’s an intuitive genius.

Wow! The fact that this picture appears so off base may suggest in a perverse way how incredibly important it is. Saturn is inhibiting and constraining. This picture can suggest having hurt feelings, and a sense of inferiority. What a person truly wants, or needs is kept private. There is what is shared or obvious in behavior, and then there is something else. Loneliness, and separation from a woman, can drive ambition, or ambition can be the cause of the separation.

90 Degree MidPoint Grid

The chart above is called the 90 degree sort, or midpoint grid. The midpoint pictures that are not within the “orb of influence” are struck out by a black line, the most significant midpoint pictures are color coded and highlighted. The in-between measures are left alone. The points that are left alone may or may not be activated through time studies, but nevertheless, they still do not appear to this astrologer as being that significant in this case.

We discussed the definition and meaning of midpoints at the open of this post. And by way of applying Gary Vaynerchuck’s midpoint pictures, we attempted to demonstrate how horoscope synthesis might suggest a predisposition for success and enthusiasm, versus another chart lacking in these subtle points of influence. The suggestion at the start is that we ALL will come to an important turning point in our lives, but some of us will need to work harder than others. In the transforming world, I am in total agreement with Gary’s sage observations about the change and opportunities ahead. However, if you have not drawn a winning ticket in the “lottery of the womb” as Warren Buffet has likened our birth to, then make a plan for change. DO NOT JUST JUMP FROM THE PLANE WITHOUT A PARACHUTE.

Before you quit you day job, it might be a good idea to take yourself through an important process to help evaluate and calibrate your readiness. In the next post I want to overturn the tables in the temple. I would like to challenge the self-proclaimed “gurus” in the self-help community that people need more than a pep talk or jargoned persuasion. No one outside of yourself has a better “answer” to your questions than what lies within you. Not your psychologist, or therapist! Not your spouse or partner! Not your self-help evangelist! And certainly not your astrologer! My humble suggestion is that we need to be our own gurus. And there is a lot at stake. Like a dog fight over an atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, there is a battle raging within. It would be wise to know you are prepared. Gary knew! You should know too…

*Midpoint “pictures” relate the central point between two planets to a third planet or point. What emerges is a word “picture,” a phrase that adds tint and hue to the portrait we are developing. Colors not available in the primary analysis of the personality emerge brightly. Midpoints add depth and contrast to the “picture.” They were pioneered by Reinhold Ebertine; then mastered and fully explored in the book Working with Astrology: The Psychology of Harmonics, Midpoints and Astro*Carto*Graphy by Michael Harding and Charles Harvey (London: Arkana, Penguin Books, 1990

1 McBroom, Don. Midpoints: Identify & Integrate Midpoints into Horoscope Synthesis. Llewellyn Publications, 2007. p. 18

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