Transition to Awareness

The horizon in an event chart for a nation can be thought of as the axis of national awareness. And where the Ascendant represents the people, the Midheaven represent the new head of state in an inaugural chart. For the January 20th Inaugural chart, the government’s policy for the incoming administration maybe pre-established to a certain extent with the Midheaven in the last 4 degrees of Capricorn. The agenda is set in terms of picking up where the previous administration left off. This makes sense since the overriding issue, despite the slightly annoying diversion of an insurrection attempt, is dealing with the pandemic. With Democrats gaining control of all three branches of government conventional thinking suggests an opportune time for an overhaul of policy and reenactment of the party’s platform, but there may be complications involved, and prosecuting the insurrectionists plus dealing with the fall out of Ignorance may turn out to be a top priority. The storm clouds are still dark, foreboding and directly overhead.

The Moon is of utmost importance in Electional Astrology and in the 2021 inaugural chart the Moon is Void of Course, meaning it makes not significant aspect before leaving the Sign it is in after making its last aspect which in this case was with Pluto. The Void of Course Moon is concerning in any electional chart, because the suggestion is for a time where things do not get done easily or fail to come to completion. Things do not run smoothly due to the gears being gummed up somehow. So, astrologers advise taking some time to do much needed inner work. Introspection. We are being tasked to study the inner workings of a thing, to reassess, reorganize, and reset intentions. After experiencing a Mr. Magoo presidency, a leader as shortsighted and obstinate as he was fraudulent, the United States will need to take a step back, and with clear eyes and full hearts, tidy things up a bit. What’s troublesome is that past presidents did not complete their term when a VOC Moon occurred: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Richard M. Nixon most famously. The past square to Pluto only weeks before the inaugural suggests “complications” of enormous magnitude, and we all know that January 6th culminated in a revolutionary embroilment, under the guise of a protest march; an attempted coup d’état. A failed insurrection to cap a failed presidency. The capitol was breeched, and lawmakers were forced to retreat to safety out of harms way. An angry mob descended on Washington D.C., and people died. The inaugural chart suggests that this revolution is not yet over. However, unlike warnings coming from the radical left and right, that this “thing” is only just beginning, the chart gives this astrologer pause. Like the pandemic itself, which I had suggested would be nothing like the Black Plague that killed 1/3rd of the world’s population 675 years ago. And as horrible as Covid-19 is, it was made much worse than it had to be due to erroneous and misplaced fear. Exactly what was warned, but granted in an inverse manner. The fear was misplaced on the virus when what should have been feared was human ineptitude. The Moon in the very last degree of Aries suggests that matters will be carried over from the previous administration. Those matters remain unresolved. And this position also suggests that the people have had enough. This is a powerful Moon, disposited and charged by Mars, ruling Aries intercepted in the 12th House of hidden enemies and not an ideal spot for the Moon but made worse by being VOC.

The Moon is 4 degrees and 48 minutes beyond the last aspect, and 58 minutes remaining before leaving Aries. The last aspect was a square to Pluto, ruler of the 7th House of “open enemies.” In the context of what transpired just weeks earlier, when just before Christmas President Trump announced a “rally” for the 6th of January, and the converse chart could not be any more ominous.

While Saturn rules the M.C., the head of state and is in 10th, Saturn also rules the 9th House, the nation’s philosophical profile. After 4 years of a populist disruptor, the likes of which the country has never seen, this new administration will need to give the diplomatic core a makeover and work to transform the country’s image to the world. Venus, ruler of the Ascendant is in the 9th, with Pluto conjunct the M.C., and sextile Neptune. The country’s stature and image need rehabilitation going into the new year. The issues of reimagining the country’s role in the world AND dealing with the pandemic (Neptune rules the 12th House of epidemics) are top of mind, a global issue that requires international communication and cooperation (North Node is at 17 degrees Gemini, a Critical Degree). Attending to the pandemic needs to be a strengthening point, even more so than putting down the insurrection and flushing out the militant adversaries. The insurrection and insurrectionists will be dealt with much more expediently than many currently anticipate. But this VOC Moon is hobbled. It is what astrologers call “Anaretic” which describes any planet at the 29th degree of a Sign. Indecision and second-guessing plague strategy. There is vacillation in situations that require action and impetuousness in situations that require reflection. The new administration will be vulnerable to criticism from the many Monday morning quarterbacks in the country, some of whom are professional newsmakers and influencers who leverage the staunched efforts of bureaucracies for personal ratings, but these grumblings will not upset progress.

The new government will need to contend with this powerful Moon, ruler of the 4th House (the party not in power). The symbolism seems to represent on one end a hidden cabal, clandestine enemies of the state embedded within the government, and likely influenced from outside of the country as well, intent on a complete takeover. And in case no one has been paying attention, this is serious. But the Moon represents ALL of the people, and not just those “not” in power. The nation’s awareness of rogue actors in the play has grown, and it turns out that the “deep state” may in fact not be associated with the layers of bureaucratic political opportunists, but with fascistic interlopers like Eric Prince, infiltrating educational organizations in Michigan and democratic campaigns in Colorado with ex-CIA and former FBI agents. Surreptitiously trying to record incriminating statements and steal documents in an effort to discredit and sully the image of these progressive groups and people. So, yes! The people have had enough! Which is another interpretation of the Moon in the final degree of Aries. “On both sides!” But the inaugural chart seems to suggest that the opposition party is nearly out of bullets. They are taking their last gasp. And much of the reason why must have to do with their rag tag collaboration of misfits from Q-Anon, to Proud Boys, to the GOP itself. An ideology that is etiologically correlated to the decay of the country’s moral and philosophical underpinnings; an amazing breadth and diversity of beliefs that are so insane they make astrology feel almost quaint. From the “handmaids” of the People of Praise, in the form of Amy Coney Barret, to Gini Thomas, or Amy Kremer, or any of the militant reactionaries against all things “socialist,” to “anti-virus,” “anti-maskers,” and “anti-vaxxers,” Never mind the enablers lead by McConnell an Graham, who just inside the 2-minute warning, are proffering a détente. The silent majority has lost its way. Neptune rules the 12th, the “real” critical issue threatening the country is the total disregard for truth, honesty, good faith, and the displacement of love and compassion with hate.

The inaugural chart suggests further that the national awareness has grown obstinate. That a belligerent response can be expected if there is any further aggression against the state. The new administration will be stubbornly determined to set things right and will not simply standby. Taurus on the Ascendant can be serious and deliberate. And Venus in Capricorn in the 9th, suggests that the world is watching. The administration wants to reinstate the country’s core values of fairness. That the country’s lack of poise over the past 4 years is viewed by the world as philosophically stunted and immature, and perhaps naïve at best, needs to be reversed. No doubt this underdeveloped image needs to grow up quickly because Pluto is coming to the M.C. of the inaugural chart in 2022. The end of the transition to something new. A changing of the guard, and the rise of prominent “young” woman (Venus) like Kamala Harris and AOC (and their nemesis’ like Stefanik and the woman mentioned above).

The ominously powerful Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th House is disposited by Venus, ruler of the Ascendant and of Libra intercepted in the 6th House, the army, national employment, police. The situation is so dam complicated. Mars governs the cabal. But this alone is too simplistic. The army and police appear to be in charge now in was that technicalities kept them on the sidelines during the insurrection. The military and police for are well positioned to enforce peace, but there has to be a sorting out of individuals who need to be accountable for their actions. Congress, the 11th House, ruler is Uranus, and shows that Progressives have finally gotten the message. But there are traitors among them (Neptune) and the far right’s machinations have been building for a while now with the aim of a takeover and not merely having to do with such things as voter suppression. This has been a slow motion coup d’état and when it was apparent that the revolution was failing, Trump blew his dog whistle. Uranus comes to the Ascendant for the 3rd time in 2022 at the same time Pluto crosses over the Midheaven and these transits project some earth-shattering news. Things get broken. Transformed. There is no going back.

The midpoint picture Moon=Saturn/Pluto suggests the opposition party is at a loss. There is a cold emotional renunciation of the mission. The darkness has turned inward. There is a giving up, a forced surrender, but not without malice. A strategic defeat is called for but when the people who are defeated and the people who are victorious are the same people, the mood is somber. Nobody wins!

However, the MC=Venus/Jupiter midpoint suggests a clear winner. And charts often contradict themselves in this way. Life is complicated. Despite the new administration’s hobbled start and the impotence suggested by the VOC Moon, there are feelings of success, compassion, and a pouring out of wondrous grace and gratitude, if for nothing else but for the thoughts of not falling into the situation “that might have been,” A Second Trump Administration.

The suggestion here is that the times ahead, after a reset, are ripe with opportunity and this new administration may only be a transitional team to a new awareness. The window is wiped clear. We can see it in the inaugural chart. And the portentous and magnificent change suggested by the approaching trine of Uranus and Pluto, Pluto crossing the MC and Uranus transiting the Ascendant, suggests a bigger than enormous transformation. AND Congress transforms. Government transforms. The center indeed holds, and for a new day. A more progressive age is ahead and one not mired in the nostalgia of our dark past.

The ruler of the Ascendant is in an approaching sextile with the ruler of the 12th. The main issue as mentioned already, despite the seriousness of the insurrection attempt, is battling the pandemic. All forces are brought to bear against this ‘other’ unseen enemy. The country is at war, on multiple fronts. And the administration is challenged to gain control. To guard against all the dangers simultaneously. Saturn is EXACTLY semisquare Neptune. The nefarious senators and legislators who have enabled the rebellion against the government will need to confess, there will be truth telling and contrition. And Congress needs to be “woke” for “real” and lose the naïveté that’s become synonymous with the brand. The blind mendacity that has perpetuated poisonous beliefs fueled by the mythology of American exceptionalism must retire. Overall the symbolism in the inaugural chart presents a strong possibility that the uprising is checked by authorities and that the deception and depravity the country has been exposed to is dealt with properly. The symbolism does not say it will be easy. And the fallout from these years of reckoning can last a long time.

Interestingly, Mercury is peregrine and rules the 2nd and 6th House. Much of the fuel for Trumpism has been blamed on a disaffected workforce, left behind by globalism. Venus co-rules the 6th House. Workers no longer buying the scapegoat arguments promise to find a more attentive government with words backed up by action. The economy (2nd House) and labor (6th House) look to be in very good shape under the new administration. Perhaps a difficult proposition for either side to see at this time, with the pandemic raging, and the economy teetering. Still finances and the labor markets may overshoot even more to the upside than under the previous administration a pronounced positive in the chart.

When history looks back on this period, a scant 95 years out of 720 years that make up the first decanant (10 degrees) of the Aquarian age, we will refer to this time as the Age of Unity (according to Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet). That is the years covering the backward retracement of the zodiac by what is called the precession of the equinox, from 1926 to 2646, will mark a significant shift. PNB’s cosmology is so on point. That our inclination is to see with the same eyes that Mr. Magoo sees with, we may find it difficult to see this truth. We look through the smoky eyes that witnessed world wars and major political dysfunction. How could this possibly suggest unity? But the age is young. The movement of Truth only recently born. Trumpism is a relic and vestige of past failures of the ego, and projections of falsity. What is here to replace Trumpism will astound the world.

Duty to Warn, an association of mental health professionals, has consistently sounded the alarm about how dangerous Donald J. Trump was/is to the nation AND how #unfit (the name of their excellent documentary) he is/was for office. Many heeded their call, but far too few and for too long. The 12th House machinations of a malignant narcissist defies explanation. Extremely bright and intelligent people like Elise Stefanik, one of the “young” women now part of the opposition, have allowed themselves the dubious distinction of joining the delusional fray. Douglas Elemendorf dismissed Stafanik from the Senior Advisory Committee of the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School, after she declined to resign. Instead, she’s chosen to protest making a statement against being “canceled,” the far right’s clarion call to war, when in fact the truth is she was dismissed for being dishonest and propagating conspiracies that have been debunked.

Her statement is attached above and is a poetic exercise in sophistry, more eloquently expressed than the comments Trump has a habit of making. Duty to Warn suggests he is exceedingly dangerous now. Unpredictable and defending himself against being emasculated in full view of the world. The gestalt of Neptune on the 12th House is best summed up in a recent post by George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway, and outspoken critic of all things Trump, he put it like this, “What you say I caused was your fault because you were doing bad things to me and if you hold me responsible for what you say I did you will be the cause of whatever bad things happen next.” Trump failed on many levels. His own incompetence and ineptitude perhaps saved the country from a darker fate. Had he been more skilled in his rhetoric or if he had made better decisions, the country would be barreling down the path of fascism. And it doesn’t mean we don’t revisit these perilous times in the future, with a younger more virulent and articulate foe, but that day will have to wait because the clouds are clearing, and the vision symbolized by the national bird, the Eagle, may once more be taking flight.

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