The View

Ashokan Resevoir

Some of the tools that are available and at our finger tips today are simply mind boggling. On my way back to the car after touching the turn around at the 3 mile mark, Lisa and I paused at a lookout point to take in a spectacular view of the reservoir.

What is most spectacular from my vantage point is this spot in particular is virtually in our own back yard. One of the aspects I am exploring in my life is how natural views like this one, perhaps like similar views in your own back yard, can become tools we can use to make our lives better.

Birches on the Path

Notice how the birches are “frosted” in white with so many darkened blemishes, dimples of charcoal that seem to project shadow. Shadow on shadow. My path. My life.

“So was I once myself a swinger of birches.
And so I dream of going back to be.
It’s when I’m weary of considerations,
And life is too much like a pathless wood”


Robert Frost

Rediscovering this “tool” with my wife has been such a blessing. The sun has our back, always. And we are fortunate to be healthy and well. Our family is well too. My hope is that you and yours are healthy and well.

My brother battled Covid-19. He said it was an excruciating ordeal. And there are lingering symptoms and side affects that he says haunt him. Shadows palpably dark like the coal dust that invites black lung to come and forces the sun to go down. He said it feels like dusk without sunset. Just ominous storm clouds rumbling around in his chest. “I really need to quit smoking,” he huffs. “But really. I’m OK.”

Some 140,000 people in the U.S. are not. And some 4,000,000 people have a better idea of exactly what my brother’s ordeal was like than I do. I sincerely hope you are not one of them. I hope you do not know any of them. In my post Loss Aversion I did not want to minimize the possibility of crisis. But only communicate that the “odds” of YOU being the victim were remote. And although those odds are going up I stand by that claim. My encouragement was to guard against fear. At the time and in Making Elephants Dance, I discussed FEAR as being our greatest challenge under the January 12 Saturn-Pluto conjunction. What I did not know that the biggest source of that fear would come from a lack of national leadership, gamesmanship with an issue while people’s live hung in the balance. FEAR of not being re-elected driving irrational decision and distorting information or suppressing information altogether.

When I wrote my projection for a Biden victory, Trump was enjoying his highest approval ratings in 3 years. Incumbent candidates win 80% of the time. He is now experiencing some of his lowest numbers. But there is a long way to go. Most recent elections have been historically close. We can assume that trend to continue. But it is unclear what prevents Biden from winning in a landslide.

Out on the path none of these issues invade my thoughts. I am moving. In love like that boy on his way to tend to the cows and who never played baseball. Poor kid. It was opening season yesterday. The Mets take on the Braves as we speak. Cespedes just hit a home run after convalescing for 2 years from an encounter with a wild boar. (Recall Bhudevi and the significance of the Boar). I think boys who swing on birches are just like boys who play baseball.

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